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Murf - "The Crypto Bichon" is the inspiration behind a donation cryptocurrency that aims to help dog rescues the world over

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Origins of the 'Crypto Bichon'

Murf is a rescue that we rescued in Rhode Island in 2010 from Mutts4Rescue. He had been mistreated and was scared of everyone. The rescue foundation asked us if we wanted to keep him, due to the fact, that as they drove to meet us, they noticed that he was partially blind and had cataracts.

We decided he really needed a home, and so we got him the surgery to help with his eyesight. He is doing awesome now, but is still scared of everyone, and so I created this coin for him.

The basic idea is that MurfCoin ends up trading on an exchange, and then the "Rescue" wallet is converted to $USD, which would be then paid out to Dog Rescues. In the meantime you can mine yourself some FLUFF so that you can make something out of it if it does end up trading, and you'll also have given to charity by mining, as all of that will be converted to a fund to be paid out to either Dog Rescues, or the ASPCA. When we pay out, we will post on the organisations facebook or twitter for verification, as well as print up images of the donation and "transfer" info on this site.


Origins of the 'Crypto Programmer'

I've been an engineer since 2000, and got into BitCoin in 2011.

When i thought about getting into Crypto programming, I decided that I'd create a coin that actually did something useful for someone other than me.

As Murf has been in our family since 2010, and he got me into Bitcoin (he chewed on a Wired magazine that then dried out and I ended up reading) I figured I'd create something that would be a bit of a legacy for him and help other abandoned dogs at the same time.

Even if I can get $1k into the fund and donate it to one resuce, I'll consider it a success.


You Mine or Buy Fluff

You can mine some FLUFF using our stratum server.

@ stratum+tcp://pool.murfcoin.org:4444

2% of your mining goes to the rescue wallet.

The rescue wallet is where Murf pays out to charities.

Win64 Wallet Win32 Wallet OSX Wallet Unix Wallet/Daemon

We pay out to rescues

  1. Donations are made to one of the rescue wallets (each Foundation has its own)
  2. We Announce on twitter that the coins in the wallet are to be listed on an exchange
  3. The coins sell
  4. We convert to FIAT via CoinBase
  5. We pay the rescue

  6. I'll list the supported dog rescues on the site
    and you'll know when we donate, through twitter/facebook and probably pictures. We live in Los Angeles, and have already contacted 2 local rescues.